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(Mr. Leousis enters a Sec V, class and is quickly inundated by students asking if he would tell them a story:)

PART 1: A lesson in Biology.

All right, everyone let us first take attendance, and then we will see what can be done about any story for today. What we need to focus on, as I have said before,  is to complete any work your teacher may have left for you to do. (An "awwwh" sound of disappointment, is heard to permeate the class. After calling out the attendance and sending, the absence list to the office, Mr. Leousis, is ready to begin class.)

Now let's see, this is a biology class, right? According to the notes left by your teacher, you are to complete yesterday's lab and hand it in before you leave. In addition, you are to read pages 139-156 on human reproduction. (He writes "pg. 139-156", on the whiteboard.) I think that this is sufficient work to cover the period. ( A student puts up his hand to ask,) "Sir, I have completed my lab, and I can do the reading on reproduction later on during the day." Well, that is interesting (Mr. Leousis remarks.); how many of you have your lab report done? (Almost all hands go up.) Who has not completed the lad? (Two hands go, up.) Well, I think we can work around this. How about you take half an hour to complete the lab report.  The rest of you begin with your reading, and we will use the remainder of the period for a story. I think since you are studying human reproduction, I can relate a story on this topic that will enhance your learning.
(One half-hour later, Mr. Leousis begins.):

Now, can anyone tell me why the male reproductive organ or more specifically  the scrotum sac is located outside the body, (Some giggles break out.) All right let us get serious, (Mr. Leousis calls out.) Well, if you were to read on, you will see that the male sperm is produced in the male's scrotum sack. In fact, over one hundred million sperm (100,000,000) are released during "possible" fertilization. If I remember correctly, there are approximately fifteen hundred sperm produced per second (1,500)! (A "woww", sound is heard from the students.) Now not all this would be possible if the temperature of the male scrotum sac were that of the same as our internal body temperature; can anyone remember what the human body temperature is on average? (A few students put up their hand, some calling out.) "Thirty-seven, Celsius." Excellent! (Mr. Leousis remarks.) Well, for sperm to survive, they must have a temperature of fewer than 37 degrees to between 35-36 Celsius. That is the reason for the scrotum sac; it’s a type of air conditioning!" (Laughter breaks out.) There is much more I can discuss with you on this interesting subject.  I have my Masters in Biology, but I would not want to pre-empt your teacher's plans for teaching this subject based on their methodology. But what I would like to see from you is some "critical thinking" based on what you have read or heard from me regarding my story.

 Let me give you a hint: "What did Dr. Mandemis, discover about me back in Tripolis when I was a young boy of eight years of age? (Multiple hands go up.) "Your high body temperature," (One student, calls out).. and that was, (Mr. Leousis, asks?) "45 Celsius," (From another call.) So based on what we have discussed about the biology of sperm reproduction, what can you deduce about me? (A few calls got out,) "No sperm, dead sperm, etc., correctly so, but not exactly, (Mr. Leousis remarks.) Let me explain.

In the summer of 1971, I met my young sweetheart, my future wife. I was the official photographer, and she was a fashion model at a fashion show put on at Concordia University. A stunning woman with gorgeous eyes! ("Woooowhh," sounds can be heard.) Almost two years later, we decided to get married. We were going to wait a little while before we tried to have children because I was still at University. My wife was working for the Bank of Nova Scotia. I still continued doing my photography, "Spreading The Light," each and every weekend.  I used the income from photography, to pay my way through school. When we had settled down and purchased our new home in Kirkland on the West Island, we decided to try to have children. Almost a year and one half of trying to get pregnant, we became very concerned about why she was not getting pregnant, so my wife started visiting various specialists to see what was wrong.  She had multiple tests with no outcome. Finally, we discovered that it was I who was the problem. I turned to Professor, Val Logsdon Hctif, for assistance.

When I explained to Professor Hctif, the problem, of lack of sperm, he was dumbfounded with himself. He wondered out loud again and again,  why he had not taken this possibility into consideration, since most of his life's work, revolved around myself and all aspects of the influence of "The Light," on my own life. "That is correct he thought out loud, that is correct, why had I not thought about this?" He said that this explained "everything"! What he meant by that, was that in reference to the ancients, that is why the high priests, never bore any children! It made sense to me after he explained it, but how was this to help me, I did not want to become a priest. (Laughter breaks out.). "I don't know if we will be tampering with the will of "The Light," professor Hctif, went on to say. "I don't think your lack of sperm will be a major problem as it would be if you were a female." Now let me jump out of the story, for a second and ask you what do you think, Professor Hctif, meant by saying it would be more difficult if I were a female? (Puzzlement by the students.)

Okay, just hold that thought, (Mr. Leousis, explains), and I will respond to this in a while, only someone remembers to ask me in the end.

Professor, Hctif, informed me that I had nothing to worry about and that he would take care of things.

Three days later, I receive a call from a doctor Taguchi, from the Royal Victoria Hospital. He claimed to be a urologist specializing in human fertility: He had his secretary make an appointment for me to visit him at his clinic the following Wednesday.  After meeting with Dr. Taguchi, he assured me that this was a minor issue, and it would be corrected in one procedure.  I would have to stay in the hospital for about four days, after the operation; my wife and I were ecstatic! And so it was, that almost two weeks after that operation took place, my firstborn son, was conceived. (A few students quickly put up their hands to ask ;) "What was the procedure?" Well, (Mr. Leousis, remarks), here is where "the plot thickens" (He quotes with his index fingers):

As I was to find out later on, much later on, (Mr. Leousis calls out.) This surgery was no ordinary surgical procedure. Professor, Hctif's surprising remarks were not so innocent.  I would be getting into more "risky areas," than what I am willing to reveal to you today, all I can say is that "My guardian angels." (Mr. Leousis quotes.), were now looking after me, my wife and children as well as other family members. With the prominence of Professor Hctif, from McGill University, a very sophisticated security organization and its apparatus had been organized by high level "Inteligencia," the world over.  Constable Martineau had done what he had promised M. Joseph, to protect me. This security, unknown to me at the time.

In biological terms, all I can say is that "they," must have figured a way, to reduce the temperature in my scrotum sack. This way, my high temperature would not kill off my sperm. What was puzzling to me, was that the operation, had nothing to do with my scrotum sac; instead, there was a small incision made in my abdomen on my left side. As I said, less than nine months later, my first-born son was delivered, a healthy nine-pound baby. The curious thing about his young birth was that he too, like me, showed the sign of the olive branch wreath in the back of his right shoulder.  This was described in my first episode, "In the beginning, there was "The Light." (Several hands go up with multiple questions.)

I know I have left you hanging there, with multiple questions but for "security" reasons, at this time, I cannot explain more. What I will do now is tell you a story of a young boy. A story that took place about seventeen years ago, one that might interest you. I think, slowly, if you read all the episodes in my blog and follow the associated links, you will be able by yourselves, to piece together answers to many of the questions you may have. That is why I insist, you read the stories in my blog. They reveal much more than I can openly talk about, for "security" reasons, (Mr. Leousis, re-quotes.)

PART 2: The Native.

In my last story, "The Photographer," I noted that Professor, Hctif, had come up with an Amplifier: A device which would allow me to influence or spread “The Light,” to many people at once. I was to do this, by incorporating this device into my picture taking: When the flashlight lit, the subjects, would not be aware that at the same time, they were getting a dose of "The Light." So it was, very often, I would observe people attending a baptism or a wedding, being tense and sometimes angered with each other, stressed out with all they had to do organizing the event: When "The Light" would hit them, from my flash, they would calm down and be very civil to each other, an indication that this, was working. But that did not end my involvement directly with young people.

At least once or twice per month, Constable Martineau, would contact me and bring over a young boy or girl that was in bad shape and needed immediate attention. The number of such cases are too numerous to mention, but some do stand out in my mind. One, in particular, was this young lad of about fourteen years of age. His name for "anonymity" sake as I have explained. "I will never identify any of the children.", (Mr. Leousis quotes.) His name, for now, we shall call him, Haiwa.

When Constable Martineau, first brought Haiwa with him for me to meet,  the young teen was sitting in the back seat of the cruiser. He was filthy and grudging and would not even gaze at me, always looking down. As Constable Martineau, explained, young Haiwa was found near the Mercier Bridge, trying to run away to the Indian reserve on the South Shore. He had attempted this trek numerous times before.

Haiwa had quite a colorful juvenile police record, as vivid as his sparkling blue eyes, which gave him an impressive look whenever he was eventually cleaned up and looked descent. He had lived with his grandmother.

Apparently, his mother had abandoned him, a drug addict herself. She had lost her husband in a terrible mining accident in Bedford mines, soon after little Haiwa was born. After her husband's death, she first turned to drink and then to hard drugs. Interestingly enough, the father was half-native Indian from a native Iroquois mother and a Russian father. The mother was half Portuguese and half Matis. What a fantastic genetic pool, I thought! (Again, turning to biology, Mr. Leousis addresses the class.) "You all understand what I mean by the genetic pool, do you? (He sees questioning eyes.) Well, back to biology:

Without drifting too far from the story, it is a well-known scientific fact, that when there is intermixing of people from different cultural or ethnic groups, the children of these people turn out to be much healthier. Much healthier than those groups that intermarry within the same group. That is why, for instance, Royals who intermarried, withing their families, such as kings, princesses, etc., turned out to have very sick and weak offspring. There is a persistence of what is called “genetic disorders” or limited gene variety causing issues. Young Haiwa, having a rich genetic pool, meant his mixture of genes from the different ancestry, would mean that he would turn out to be a very healthy boy. As it turns out, he was quite healthy physically but scarred deeply by the hardships of his life.

He had gone, from his mother's care, where her boyfriends abused him, to foster homes from which he had run away, many times over. Now he was living with his grandmother, who apparently blamed the child for everything when things went wrong in her life, often calling him names, like "half-breed," so he would run away. The child was often drawn to his father's grave, which was located on a sacred Indian burial site, found on the south shore; here, he would find solace.

And so it was that day in late October, that Constable Martineau, was called by the local First Nations Police. They had found the child hiding in the sacred site; he had slept there on the wet grounds all night. Young Haiwa, was half-starved and frozen, from his night ordeal. Constable Martineau, brought young Haiwa to me, to see if I could help him. I brought him to my home. After a warm bath, a fresh change of clothes and a large meal, young Haiwa became a vibrant life form.  I sat down with the adolescent speaking to him, trying to discover what was hurting in his heart. He would not share with me any of his concerns and remain silent throughout. That night after securing the teen in bed, he quickly fell asleep from exhaustion; it was time for me as well, to enter the Elysium for guidance.

There, in a land of smoking tee-pees, I could see an amazing Iroquois figure; a Great Peacemaker, a Huron prophet, and spiritual leader standing proud before my spirit. He spoke to me:

"The son of my people bears many wounds, wise messenger of "The Light." Let it be known to this child, that I, Hiawatha, call upon him to drink the brew of Haudenosaunee and heal his soul. Once this is done, allow the child to see his visions of life through "The Light," and he will know his essence of the true spirit.  He will be there for his people."

The next day, young Haiwa, Constable Martineau, and myself went for a drive to the South Shore and attended to a native tribal meeting. I explained my vision, and they were very interested and knowledgeable in explaining to us what the spiritual Hiawatha had asked me to do.

They set up a large bond fire around which four young Iroquois braves in full dress, would dance and chant many, traditional calls. Two other elders would pounce on a skin drum which was laced with seashells. The beating of the drum along with the attached seashells, added a crystal type of mesmerizing sound to each beat  ( Mr. Leousis, now breaks into a native Iroquois call.. "ayya, yah, ayah, ya, aiy.. ssshh, shhhh. A number of student in amusement, add all types of catcalls and howls.) "As the drums beat, the young braves...”, (Mr. Leousis, now continues,) "...would pause, reach into these woven baskets nearby and take out a variety of vegetables, many of which I could identify but a large number of herbs they used, were entirely foreign to me. They would then add these items carefully to a kettle that hung over stilts over the fire. Young, Haiwa, was totally focused on what was going on as much as Constable Martineau and me. Soon after, two of the Braves approached the young lad and proceeded to cover him with a colorful blanket. They asked him to take off his clothes underneath; young Haiwa did as he was told. With his head now protruding out from the cone-shaped blanket, a third warrior dancer approached Haiwa. After reaching into the kettle with a ladle and scooping up some brew, he offered it to him to sip slowly. After drinking the entire brew, young Haiwa was brought in front of me and told to kneel; I touched his head and focused on "The Light." He was later escorted to a giant teepee in which there was a small smoking fire. There, he was made to lie on the bare ground with his ear to the soil and told to sleep. The brew apparently, whatever it was made from, soon had young Haiwa, fall asleep. We sat outside around the campfire for at least four to five hours, waiting.  After this long wait, all by his own, young Haiwa appeared at the entrance of the tee-pee; his entire composure had changed.

He stood tall and proud with a definite glow in his face, he spoke softly but wisely:

"I have visited with the black crow," he said. "I have eaten from the soil etched by the turtle, and I have received my name. I know who I am and what I must do: My spirit is great, and my heart hurts no more, I am my father, he is within me all the time." 

When I asked him to describe what he had seen and what name he had received; he called himself Ayonwatha or peacemaker. He described such common experiences that words could not describe, but I knew, he had entered the Elysium, and the three Judges had had a hand in his visions: I understood.

When we returned to Montreal, Constable Martineau was soon able to place the young Ayonwatha, with a good French family; two wonderful foster parents who adored him. As to his schooling and life overall, the young man changed completely. Today, he has been named Chief of his people. He has earned a law degree and is a significant figure in representing the aspirations of the natives of Canada: He is also very active worldwide, working with the United Nations Rights of Indigenous People, UNDRIP to promote and protect indigenous people, throughout the world. All of us are proud of him.

And that ladies and gentlemen is my story about, "The Native," (Mr. Leousis takes a small bow, to the applause of his class. A hand goes up.) Yes, (Mr. Leousis, acknowledges.) "Sir, you asked us to remind you, why body temperature is more critical in females than in males." Thank you, yes, good point..., (Mr. Leousis, responds,) much time do we have left. (A call goes out,) "Five minutes."

In your reading about human reproduction, you will find that the female eggs or ova, are produced in limited numbers, numbering less than one thousand "in a lifetime." Unlike the male sperm, which can be produced in the millions every other day. As important, it is to note that, these ova are created as early as conception when the young female is being formed in the mother's womb. Thus, a female has to protect her ova during her reproductive life. She must protect these ova,  not only from high body temperatures, but other harmful chemicals and drugs that may enter her body and make her sterile. One such care that girls need to be careful is when having x-rays of any sort, like a visit to the dentist. So in the case where, as a carrier of, "The Light," I were to be a female, I don't see how I would be able to maintain healthy ova during my reproductive life as a female. Such ova would have to survive such a high body temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, unless, the scientific community found a way. But then again to add further to this great mystery, one does not know what “the secret society” might have come up with?

(The bell sounds and the class is dismissed. Mr. Leousis, calls out, ) Thank you for listening, and don't forget to read my blog ... (as the students get up to leave many crowding around him to ask many questions)

Kenojuak Ashevak

"All is in balance in the spirit of love when it glows in The Light: Love is the Ink; wisdom is the message."

By Elias Leousis,
(Η αγάπη είναι το μελάνι, η σοφία είναι το μήνυμα.) 
Love is the ink; wisdom is the message! 


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