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[There is no greater reward for me at my age of three thousand and eighteen than to share my wisdom with the young. With each step, I get closer to my just reward, a place in the Elysium Fields. I thank you all.]

Now that the summer break is upon us, I am gratified to hear from you via e-mail. Many of you write to me about common issues that concern your growth, your stage in life, your adolescence. The subject of adolescence and the changes in your life is what I refer to, "The Age of Rage." Adolescence is the most critical time in all humans, male and female.  A natural and exciting time in your lives but one with much anxiety and emotional challenge. In this new stage, you will build your identity, and you will soon receive your true "name." Let me explain:

There are two ways to approach this fantastic subject, and I will deal with both. One is the biological or the physical aspect of your growth. The other and most important is spiritual or what you feel inside. An emotion so powerful, it will let you leap mountains, like "The Hulk."  In your challenge, like Alexander the Great and his horse Bucephalus, you must learn to conquer the beast, by using "The Light," within you. You must discover your spirit and take ownership. Once you accomplish this extraordinary feat, YOU TO will conquer all that is known in your reality.

THE PHYSICAL - How you came to be: 

In a moment of love and passion, one hundred million sperm, each with its unique identity and wonder, raced, sacrificing life itself, to penetrate an egg or ova, quite a distance away. With a probability of .0000001%... ( I'll let the math whizzes in our group, work out the we came into existence. Imagine, one in one hundred million of a chance and YOU, have come to exist as who you are today! I would say you are unique, wouldn't you? And as I have stated before in quoting Desiderata,

"You are a child of this Universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have the right to be here!"

Teen years are one of the massive changes in your body; I need not tell you this. Like the silicon worm and all living young, you have been, feeding, developing, growing. Fueling your tanks for the most magnificent journey of your life: The moment has come for you to spread your wings and fly. But, danger awaits you, you must earn your passage: The Age of Rage is upon you!

The physical changes in your body growth are quite apparent by now. Some of you may be panic-stricken with some "disproportions." Things will come to balance within a few years; so you will feel comfortable with these new external changes of your outward physical appearance. A lot of information has been given to you, on this subject, in your health classes in school, so I won't go into much detail. However, the greatest of changes are taking place within you.

Physically, your brain that is made of "gazillion"  of interconnections, now is rewiring itself, preparing the "map" upon which you will record your journey. That is why you now become disoriented. You want to stay up late, long before anyone else in the house has gone to sleep. You do not feel like waking up early in the morning, long before everyone else has had their breakfast and gone to work. You question, and you challenge everything and all. The Age of Rage is upon you, and you just want to "scream"! - I am here, I am me, you will not ignore me anymore; I am "the new kid on the block"!

It is a time when you adopt a new family, one of "your choice," from your friends. Here lies the danger:

Imagine for a moment, a scene in which everyone is at a party, drinking and having fun. The "fun" is the escape, the drinking is used to "let go." You and everyone else around you, are intoxicated and disoriented. When the "crowd" mentality takes over, you and others, "just follow the lead." It is not your will that is in control; it is "the psychology" of the Rage! You do things that you would not normally do. You have little control, and in a way, that is o.k, but remember, there is a danger that lurks at every turn you make. The path you take, the pitfalls you fall into, the hills you conquer, all are charted on "your map" of life. The map cannot be redrawn, once it is written. This is your identity; this is "your name."

 In many cultures, when a young person reaches the age of maturity (adolescence), they are told to go into the forest of life and "earn their name." So it is with you, my young friends that, now, you have come to a path in your journey of life where YOU, must choose your identity, and your name.

When I was a child, as I have described in my story, "Love, Trust, and Forgiveness," I wanted so much to ride a bicycle. My father had advised against it because he was fearful of the dangerous traffic situations of living in the city, but would I listen? In that story, you learned that my disobedience almost cost me my sight. My journey had been written on my map of life. Had I not trusted my father, and he showed love and understanding of me, I would today be blind. I would have earned my name, "Mr. Leousis, the blind teacher - The Substitute."

And so this day, I have entered the Elysium to ask for guidance as to the wisdom I should share: (Click this video before reading on. Look lower right, for text.)

Before the multitudes of the glorious, the heroes and conquerors of life and death, the vision of Athena, wisest of all, hands me her shield upon which is inscribed the following:
"Οι νέοι, δεν θα ακολουθήσουν μια διαδρομή στο χάρτη προκαθορισμένη, δεν είναι η φύση τους. Δεν πρέπει να φοβούνται τη ζωή: Ο μεταξοσκώληκας έχει φάει ό, τι μπορεί, το μετάξι υφαίνεται. Είναι ώρα για την πεταλούδα για να βγει και να κερδίσει το όνομά του. Προτρέψτε τους νέους να μάθουν από Ίκαρο και τον Φαίδωνα."

"The young, will not follow a journey on a map already written, it is not their nature. They must not fear life: The silkworm has eaten all it can, the silk is spun. It is time for the butterfly to emerge and earn its name. Urge the young to learn from Ikaros and Phaethon."

And so my dearest young friends, despite my care for your challenges in your life's great journey, I cannot tell you which path to follow. Like the silkworm butterfly, who struggles to tear out of its cocoon (Age of Rage) only to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. You must now be careful because of the next few minutes, hours and days, are so critical; your colorful wings are still not puffed and dry, you cannot take off and fly. 

Be careful, be wise, and learn from Ikaros and Phaethon and their life stories. In this critical time of your transition, do not allow yourself (Your rage), to take the better of you, and you are exploited up by those who prey upon your innocence: Do not fly too high like Ikaros, because of your elation of flight; the sun will melt your wings away. Nor fall too low because of your desperation and become a lonely island of rocks of the fool-hearty. "Don't let people pull you into their storm like Phaethon's friend's (Rage). Pull them into your peace." Quote by Kimberly Jones.

Be careful, strive to be happy and emerge and fly like a beautiful butterfly who will add beauty and color to all our lives: Remember the power you carry within you: Remember the power of one! 

As adults, we welcome you. Let those around you, your parents, grandparents, counselors, and teachers be your guides: The essence of their wisdom will create the wind of thought upon which you can fly.

You may enter this path of beauty; the ancients have left signs.

Please listen to this video address of Jim Carrey's Commencement Address. If you don't quite get it now, I am sure it will all make sense, years from now as you gain more of life's experiences.

By Elias Leousis,
(Η αγάπη είναι το μελάνι, η σοφία είναι το μήνυμα.) 
Love is the ink; wisdom is the message!

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