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EPISODE XX - DECEPTION DETECTION and the Prediction of The Oracle.

Following my last episode, many of the graduates have written to me how difficult it is for them to decide what to do, what profession to choose, and follow, which way to head. They are fearful now that things are not laid out for them as in the past; choices and the weight placed on each decision they make, burdens them immensely. Things are not as simple as they were when growing up when others decided for them: All they needed to do, was either accept what they were told to do or simply complain and protest. Many are fearful that they might spend the next 2,3,4 and more years, studying and working towards a field of study, which in the end, they might discover is not for them. A story perhaps might help you alleviate this concern:

Some days ago, I was invited to a friend's home to discuss concerns he had regarding his young son: Nad has a fifteen-year-old son, named Nedarb. Like many fathers of teen sons, he complained that his son was not focused on his studies, that in fact, he was failing at least in one subject in high school and that he was wasting much of his time playing video games, and just "hanging out." I tried to assure Nad, that these are typical signs of a young man's natural "rebellious behavior," during teen development. I directed him to read my story in the episode, the "The Age of Rage and the Butterfly."

Nad is an engineer by trade: He deals with extremely high voltage transformers. Being very skilled at what he does, he is very much in demand and often called out of province to help with the installation and maintenance of such highly sophisticated electrical equipment. That early morning, at about four in the morning, he was to catch a plane to Newfoundland to work on a project in the hydroelectric dam in Labrador. He had asked me earlier if I would not mind watching over Nedarb for a day. His older daughter would arrive, a day later to look after her younger brother, while Nad was away for the next several days.

As Nedarb and I sat around the living room, having small intermittent chats. While he played his video games or we watched a movie on T.V., I would intuitively probe the young mind about what he thought about this and the other, without leading him on that, in fact, I was addressing his father's earlier concerns. At one point, and I cannot remember exactly how we got into this subject area, young Nedarb pointed out to me, that he was pretty good at telling if people were lying or telling the truth. He challenged me to try to trick him. Having been told that I was an excellent poker-faced player, I accepted his challenge.

He asked me to make three statements about anything I wanted, two of which would be true and one that would be false. I was sure of myself that I would trick him on the first try. Not making much thought of what needed to be done, I just rattled off the opening three statements that came to mind, confident that young Nedarb had a 66% probability of getting it wrong. On his first try, he identified my false statement! Beginners luck, I surmised, as I now became more focused on the challenge. Try after attempt, no matter how complex and subtle my false statements were crafted, young Nedarb was able to find me out 100% of the time, without the slightest uncertainty of his call. He was amazing!

Having studied paranormal behavior at the University, I became intrigued by the young man's talent. I explained to him that he was born with a natural gift and that he should pursue this further. Young Nedarb went on to say that, he was already using his talent to impress his friends and in some cases, even making some cash, stomping them; we both laughed.

That very evening, I entered the Elysium in the wonder of the beauty of thought and how varied we humans are with talents beyond the obvious.

In the chambers of Delphi, in the shadows between " Γη" (Gee - Earth) and Mount Olympus.  "Born to man and Goddess, daughter of the sea a monster and an immortal nymph," sat the greatest of the  Sybil. In her trance state, she recognized my approach and burst into a burst of clown-like laughter. After deliberately controlling her outburst, she called out to me.

delphipythiafumes.jpgΑαα, κομιστή του φωτός, είστε έκπληκτος που συνειδητοποίσατε ότι ο νέος "Σόλων της Γνώσης", υπάρχει μεταξύ των σημερινών θνητών; Συμβούλεψε το νεαρό αυτό που το ταξίδι του βρίσκεται στο δρόμο για το μεγαλείο του να υπηρετεί την ανθρωπότητα, να διαδώσει το φως της σοφίας. Επίτρεψέ μου να επισημάνω τον τρόπο. Αύριο, θα λάβει δύο μηνύματα από τα δύο άκρα, προσημάνσεις σ΄αυτόν για τη δύναμή του. Πρέπει να τη χρησημοποιεί με σύνεση στην υπηρεσία των άλλων.

(Ahh, bearer of The Light, are you surprised to find young "Salmon of Knowledge," among mortals of your day? Advise the young one that his journey is on course for greatness to serve mankind, to spread the Light of Wisdom. Let me point the way: Tomorrow, he will receive two messages of two extremes, signs to him of his powers. He must use wisely in service to others.)

I awoke early that morning, with the memories of these strange visions of the Elysium, words of the Oracle ringing in my thoughts. I waited for young Nedarb to wake up in the morning. To occupy my time, I turned on my computer and went straight to my "morning cup of tea" habit as I do most mornings, reading the news on When I looked at my favorite section, Technology, and Science section, my jaw dropped! There in front of me, staring right at me was the following article, "Deception detection: how to tell if someone is lying"! The Oracle had spoken: The first of her two predictions had come to "Light!"

When young Nedarb woke up, later on, I asked him to sit and have a conversation with me: He had read some of my stories about my life as a substitute teacher, and like all teens before him, had dismissed them as merely fictional writings of my imagination. Something that I have, in fact, encouraged my readers to believe time after time. I explained my vision of that night and how that early morning, I had come across the article on the CBC website. As he curiously read the article, one could witness his face glowing now and then as if a colossal bulb was lighting up within his head. I went on to explain to him that without him realizing, he had already chosen his career in life. His innate talent, the Light within him, was his guide and that he should pursue this field of study. Young Nedarb's comment was that "Yeah, but I am not cut out to study much in school."

I explained to him that as thirty-five years, veteran teacher, I had a good sense of evaluating youth and their potential. I considered him to be a very bright and talented young man. Still, he was not convinced and continued to drown himself in self-criticism. At times, he would blame his sorry predicament, on the fact that his parents had been divorced.  He blamed all "the baggage" that was placed on him, as "just that." I reasoned with him that life is full of challenges, and no matter what "adult issues" had been brought to bear on this young man, both his mother and father loved and cared for him. I went on to tell him how concerned his Dad was about him and how he had confided in me just the night before. How much his father loved and cared for him and was anxious about his development. While young Nedarb, listened to me attentively. His eyes would roll, here and there, whenever I would speak about things he did not agree with me. Especially when it came to his Dad's care of him.

I went on to explain to him how his father was making sacrifices for him and his sisters. His Dad, was working at a very perilous job, which required great skill and focus and that he travel all over the country, and sometimes out of Canad to be able to provide for him. Understandingly so, most of what I said to him about the sacrifices fell on deaf ears. He would have wanted his Dad to be around more "like other dads"; to do things with him and just be there as he was growing up.

His saddened voice as he spoke, had me reflect back on my life as I have described in my episode, "EPISODE XIX - YOUR IDENTITY, YOUR CLAIM, YOUR FLIGHT". I too, had become obsessed with providing the many "wants" of my family, and I did not have the wisdom of "balance," as I have explained earlier in that episode.

I tried to explain further; to young Nedarb that his father was a good man and that he was trying his best. I asked him if he would be willing to do without the many "wants," he had come to enjoy. His expensive video games, his many outings with his girl/boy, friends to various amusement parks and many other unnecessary "wants" he was used to having. I tried to make him realize the "he cannot have his cake and eat it too." I had young Nedarb cornered for a bit with my questioning. Going on the offensive, he called out to me, "If what you say is true about the Oracle and your vision, where is the second "bad," message?

We each spent the day enjoying the outdoors; going in and out of the house, until late evening. Once again, gathered around the television in their living room. Out of the blue, young Nedarb turned to me and said, "Well bearer of The Light, I guess the day is almost over." I realized his challenge and responded, "You don't believe everything I write or say, do you" and I chuckled?

About eleven that evening, I became a little apprehensive why his Dad had not shown any interest to text me and ask how we were getting along as he had done on previous occasions. So, I decided to send him a humorous message. It read, "Hope you don't spill that hot NF clam chowder all over you!" I reasoned that given the almost two-hour time differential, his father was probably fast asleep at 22:30h, in the evening, Newfoundland time. He would likely see my message the following morning and respond then. I received a response text message almost instantaneously. The message read: "Hello Elias, this Hermes, I am the site manager working with Nad. Unfortunately, Nad had an accident, and I am now with him in the hospital. I saw your message on his phone, and I decided to respond since we did not know how to reach Nad's family: Are you related to him? He wants you to know that he is alright. I immediately replied, asking if I could call Nad and speak to him. Hermes response was to text me back his own phone number so we could talk.

When I called Hermes, he described to me how the accident had taken place: Nad was to climb up to this story high transformer and fill it with this highly toxic coolant. To perform this operation, he would have to carry up a long ladder, a hose which would carry the liquid. His novice assistant would have to turn on the valve on the truck containing the toxin, when Nad called out to him, and close it at precisely 70 litters count after that. The assistant, however, only turned the valve off at 75 litters, which meant more than 5 litters of this highly toxic and corrosive liquid , overflowed onto Nad!
They had rushed him to the emergency, but given the long journey from the worksite, they feared that the corrosive fluid would have damaged Nad's sight. Fortunately, Hermes added, the hospital was equipped with high volume eye cleansers, and Nad's eyesight was saved.

As I continued speaking to Hermes, in my anxiously loud voice, I simultaneously gazed at young Nedarb. His face revealed a young lad mesmerized at what he was hearing, eagerly listening to my conversation. When I hung up the phone and tried to console young Nedarb. I mentioned to him that his father was going to be all right and not to worry. He raised his thoughtful gaze at me and said, "I now know what needs to be done, Elias, the Oracle has spoken." He slowly stood up and walked towards his room: This young man was now convinced of his innate gift and that he was now on his way to his chosen career path in the field of Deception Detection. The Oracle had spoken!

Once again, young friends, the message is clear, and you need not distress yourselves with imaginings. Continue with whatever choice you have made or are about to make regarding a career, there is no waste of time. The journey and all the experiences you will have along the way, in whatever trade you wish to pursue is as important as the destination you strive to reach. Let your inner "Light," guide you.

Delphi was revered throughout the Hellenic world as the site of the Omphalos stone, the center of the earth and the universe. In the inner hestia ("hearth") of the Temple of Apollo, an eternal flame burned. After the battle of Plataea, the Hellenic cities extinguished their fires and brought new fire from the hearth of Hellas, at Delphi; in the foundation stories of several Hellenic colonies, the founding colonists were first dedicated at Delphi. 

Remember the message earlier, a quote from Desiderata:

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Bring on the learning revolution!

By Elias Leousis,

(Η αγάπη είναι το μελάνι, η σοφία είναι το μήνυμα.) 
Love is the ink; wisdom is the message!


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