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What follows are notes given/sent to me from some of the students who listened to my stories and who want to share:

Many of these notes from students, has been retyped from the original, the original note, although presented, has been deliberately blurred, so that the author's handwriting cannot be identified. I take every precaution to protect these students' identities in 99.9% of the time, "except," in some instances, where I feel that their message is a cry for help: In such situations, I will bring these notes to the appropriate school resource professionals, who can assist our students.

If any student feels uncomfortable with their message being online, please send me an email at:
and I will remove it from publication.


“Mr. Leousis.

Do you see them too?

I sort of know what your going through, I mean not the age part I’m only 17 but I can tell you one thing, your Lucy never actually left. I know it may sound weird and strange but I can see people that have passed on and if they let me, I can see into their past and know how they died. Ever since I was so ever young I’ve been able to see the living and the dead. My yaya, and my nuna I see them but no one else does I feel like I should tell someone but I can’t they all think I’m nuts. I’m sorry if you think im crazy wouldn't be the first one.

My parents say that I should be dead too my father’s Mom didn’t like my mother and when she Found out that I, a child born of light and such darkness should be destroyed so one day came to me with a knife in hand and pierced my lungs and heart, but here I am. I liked your story in first period. It’s also nice to know that someone is kinda like me so I not alone. I hope your life brings you wonder and adventure, I also hope you meet others like yourself just always know your never actually alone.

XX “

NB: If this student, feels uncomfortable of my publishing their story online, please send me an email, and I will remove it from publication. In this case, I felt the student needed support, and it was brought to the attention of the school administration.

The two sheets of paper have been deliberately blurred so that the student’s handwriting cannot be identified.



"Dear Mr. Leousis,

My name is "Student" and I am in grade six. My friends call me "student" yes "student" ha ha ha!
I'm having problems with this girl in grade six name "student." She is in the class next door room "room," I'm in "room." The reason why I wrote this note was because I need help. I really like her... but she doesn't like me. I am the funniest Kid in the school. My best friend is "Student" he's in my class you called him "The "name" with the "name." So anyway I know I'm just in grade six but she's really nice. I'll do any thing to get her. For Valentines day I got her 20 chocolate hearts I really want her to be the one. I could do stupid thing and she could say mean things but I like her because of her looks and persinality. Also I want to say I think I can see the futur like I see images example: I was sleeping and I woke up and I saw a image grocery bag next day I see a grocery bag that looked the same way as the vision.
Please keep this quiet don't tell anyone godbless you you are a grate human

godbless you if you fell you want to call my number is 450-xxx-xxxx
I'm Italian.

[ This example is used to inform students "not" to include their phone numbers or any personal identification about themselves when they send me their messages. ]

Dear Student:

Having strong feelings for another person is a beautiful thing. Finding ways to manage your emotions without going overboard is part of your growth. You have indicated to that "other" particular person, your best intentions by your gift, now it is time for you to ease back and let that other person take their time to evaluate your plans; be patient and most of all, continue to "be your special self." 

The Substitute Teacher, Canadian Storyteller. 


Dear Mr. Leousis,

Hi, my name is "name", also known as :Name name". I know youve had some good/bad things in life, one of my cousins has cancer, I know it's wierd but I don't know what to do. My cousin, "Name", he is in class. he has a blue sweater. His brother. (My cousin) He has the cancer of the blood (the one in the story) has cancer. I want to try to help him but I barely see him (sad face). I feel that is I do anything it can be the wrong thing. I wanted to wright to you because you've comfortable with kind of storys. I want to let you know more than one thing, but let me finish the first one. 

I want to go talk to "Name", ( he is the one with cancer) but he doesn't really see me, so he wont know me. Now, I want to talk about my friend, "Name", do you think it's right to buy a girl 20 chocolates on Valentins Day! Know it's crazy. I don't really need to talk about because he's writing you a letter. I hope you take this seriously. It's not a joke! Thanks.

Dear Student:

The fact that you show such sensitivity for your cousin speaks a lot about what a caring person you are. It is crucial that you "be yourself" in front of your relative and simply reassure them that you are grateful to have them in your life. Just be around your cousin and spent much time as you can with him, he will be comforted by your very presence.

The emotional impact one feels when such a severe health issue strikes one of our friends or relatives, anyone we know for that matter, is not an easy thing to handle, even for adults. Above all, you should take care of yourself and remain healthy mentally by having good thoughts and uplifting spirits which will transmit good feelings to those around you, much like your friend's intentions with the 20 chocolates. LOL (Stay positive.)

The Substitute Teacher, Canadian Storyteller. 


"Dear Mr. Leousis

Hi, I am "Name" who you had in your grade 7 class. You are an amazing Storyteller. I have a question. Do you always miss Lucy. I also wish that I could be a butterfly When I die that's what I would want to be when I die. lucy and I May have a few things in common. I may not be good at art but I love learning about greek mythology. I also have one question. When you can "see" lucy do you feel good inside. I wish I could be a beautiful butterly like Lucy was. I hope your life goes well with story telling. I hope that you Cherish all the times you see Lucy every spring. You are an amazing Storyteller for the 2nd time.
- LT (heart)
(P.S I can't beeive you remember my sister. She told  so many amazing things about you!!
and please come back and tell our school/my class more story's

Dear Student:

In your own way, you "are" a butterfly. I have watched your sister dance in high-school, and when she dances, her creativity does make her fly, much like a butterfly. One does not need to wait to come back in another form of life to express themselves but can do so in their present life by entertaining their thoughts with positive feelings which allow them to soar as if they have wings; I am sure you have sometimes felt such joy... continue to strive for such positive emotions and be thankful for your present circumstance. Enjoy the present, it is a beautiful time to be a young person.  

The Substitute Teacher, Canadian Storyteller. 

Note #5

Dear Mr. Elias ( if this is you- I hope it is!),

Hi! I'm one of the students in “school” that you're teaching ( our “subject” teacher is absent ). I really need your help! My grandfather died of cancer. This is what, about 1 year ago? I didn't think much of it at the time, sure, I was sad, but it didn't seem that... IMPORTANT. I don't know why it's hitting me so hard all of a sudden. Now, it's a bit of a struggle to get through the day without shedding tears. I may not seem like anything is bothering me on the outside, but on the inside, it's nagging at me. I keep thinking about him. I need help! How do I get through the day without crying or showing I'm hurting inside?

Yours sincerely,

Hello “Student,” thank you for sharing.
What you are going through is not unusual and in fact, is very beneficial in a way. Let me explain:
Withing you are all of the values and greatness of those who have come before you, your predecessors. When one of them dies for whatever reason, the shedding of tears is a beautiful way "to water the Earth" so that new life is created. My next story, "The Phoenix Has  Risen." ( ), may explain this to you if you read it. It is about restful peace, knowing that you have accomplished in life what was important to you. By your tears, you are shedding, you are in a way telling the one you miss, that they were and are important to you and you will not forget them. In time, you will grow up to be an adult, and perhaps you too will have children of your own. There will be a time where you will speak about your grandfather and once again, tears will flow: It will be that time in your life when you will proudly explain to your children and others about your heritage and those who came before you. After the tears, a glow of a smile will enrich your face, and those listening will be happy to have heard, "Your Story."
You "Student," are a unique person; a child of the Universe. And whether it is clear to you or not, the Universe is unfolding as it should.
No more tears, your grandfather rests in peace, knowing that you, his granddaughter, will always remember him. No more tears for now. You need to save your energy, your dreams and hopes so that one day, you will share your love with others who care.
If this tearing persists, please speak to the parent, who lost their parent, Mom or Dad; I am sure they will be able to help. Sometimes, by sharing memories and tears with an adult, you trust, can be healing as well.

Your message is private. I will NEVER share with anyone. ( The student later agreed to publish, less her identity.)

The Substitute Teacher, Canadian Storyteller. 

A special thank you to M. Valentine for having listened to the call of the "Gods of Olympus" and allowed me to tell my stories. I encourage all students to read on and discover the great mysteries of the Elysium Fields as described by the Substitute Teacher.

By Elias Leousis,

(Η αγάπη είναι το μελάνι, η σοφία είναι το μήνυμα.)

Love is the ink; wisdom is the message! 

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