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In an earlier story, EPISODE XVIII - YOUR IDENTITY AND THE SHADOWS OF THE CAVE, I introduced to you the concept of reality (ties); that being, how each of us perceives the world around us based on, “you see the world around you, through the glasses you have been given to wear”. This following story, whose time has come for me to share with you, should help nurture an understanding of this concept, and thus further an appreciation of its importance in our lives.

It was a warm summer day when I arrived at Nilknarf Llih Elementary. I was to substitute for a grade five class of M. Mitnelav for the following three days. I had replaced her previously, so I knew the students. Of the twenty-three students, the one who stood out most, and needed constant supervision, was Marcus: A rambunctious boy, who among other of his characteristics, was an avid reader but somewhat an annoying teaser of others, whom he considered “Wimps.” 

That afternoon, one of the other boys, Charles, came up to my desk, his eyes were in tears. He claimed that he had lost his pencil. I found it silly that a grade five student would shed tears over a lost pencil and told him so. I offered Charles a new one, so he could quiet down, but he insisted that the particular pencil he had lost, was very special; he refused to stop the tears. I asked him to stay behind during the upcoming recess so I can find out from him why he was distraught and determined on finding this “special pencil” of his.

As Charles sat at his desk, during recess, I approached him, pulled out a chair next to him, and sat down. I repeated myself once more, “Ah, come on Charles, I can’t believe that you would shed tears over a pencil. What is so special about the one you just lost?” At the same time, I placed my right hand on his right shoulder as a sign of understanding, and that is when for a second or two, I was instantaneously transported into the Elysian Fields: Before me, I could see young Ikaros, falling from the sky! I could not understand the meaning of this; a call to me that an event was about to take place.

I asked Charles to describe this lost pencil in detail and most of all, why it was so important to him. He noted that the pencil was black and about the length of his forefinger, not more than 8 - 10 cm. As to its importance, he hesitated, and after much coaching from me said it had magic (magickal) properties. His serious posture in his emphasis on the word “magic - magickal” and for the very fact, I had just had an unusual flash into the Elysium Fields, had me take note.  I decided that this needed to be investigated more deeply. When I inquired further about the power of this “magic pencil,” young Charles tried to be somewhat elusive, except to explain that, it was able to “take him home." As we started to look around the classroom for his pencil, the bell rang, and it was time to begin the last session of the day. I asked young Charles to calm down, for the time being, promising him that we would find his magic pencil.

When all the students were assembled in class, I noted to them how upset Charles was because of the loss of his pencil and gave them a short talk about how sometimes the most trivial of things can have an importance in one's life because of their meaning, i.e. Gifts from individual people, mementos from a vacation or other important people or events in one's life. Although the students were very attentive to what I was saying, Marcus, had an evident smirk about him to the extent that I had to call him out by asking what he thought was so funny. At the end of the class, I asked Charles if he was able to come a bit earlier the next morning so we could look for his tiny pencil: I wrote a note to the cleaning staff to pay close attention when cleaning the classroom in case they found it.

When I entered the staff room after school, I came across one of the support staff who had been assisting Charles with his classwork and inquired about him, mentioning the issue of “the special pencil”.. M. Jean, explained that Charles was borderline "Autistic." That he lived with his mother, who was a single parent. According to Charles’ mother, “She had found him on her doorsteps one day when he was still an infant.” This was a bizarre description which I had heard of taking place in the historical past: Young teen mothers, unable to care for their newborn infants would abandon them at mostly religious institutions. I was puzzled that this was taking place in modern times. As to the issue of the pencil, M. Jean said something unusual, “Wait until you dream about it tonight.” I smiled and dismissed this as some kind of a  joke.

That evening, I entered the Elysium Fields:

By the shadows of Hades, a shining object, glimmered into my site, it was the helmet of Perseus, it spoke to me:

“Κομιστή του Φωτός, βοηθήσει το παιδί από κόσμους εκτός, για να βρεί το σκάφος για ταξίδι στον κόσμο του, είναι ένα ταξίδι που πρέπει να λάβει, ήρθε η ώρα ωριμότητας.
Κοιτάξτε στα γραπτά του εκείνον  που ισχυρίζεται ότι είναι γιος του Ποσειδώνα.”

Bearer of the Light, help the child from worlds beyond, find his vessel so he may travel to his world. It is a journey that he should take, it's time for his maturity. Look in the writings of one who claims to be the son of Poseidon.

After waking up the next morning, I wrote down the message from the Elysium and was bewildered what it meant: "The child from worlds beyond”? Could it be that Charles was "A visitor from another reality"? What did the image of Ikaros falling from the sky, have to do with Charles and his pencil?

As I arrived at school early that morning, I noticed two cars already parked in the school driveway. I knew one was the school janitor’s car, who usually arrived earlier than most, to open up the school. Maneuvering to park my car at the designated spot, I could see a face peering through the window of the other automobile and soon realized it was Charles and the lady next to him, must have been his mother. “Hello, Mr. Leousis,” greeted his mother as she approached me near the door of my car. “He hasn’t stopped talking about his loss all night long, please help my beautiful son. It’s essential to him.” “I will try my best.”, I responded.

When we entered the classroom, I found the sign I had left for the cleaning staff with a note, “Found nothing.” I asked Charles to start looking on one side of the classroom while I started from the other. As I opened the covers of student desks to look inside, one after another, I pondered about the message from Perseus’ helmet, “Look in the writings of one who claims to be the son of Poseidon.” At that same instance, my gaze caught sight of a book lying on the side of M. Mitnelav’s desk, entitled: The Son of Neptune, authored by Rick Riordan. "Could it be? Yes,”, I thought to myself. "The son of Neptune is really the son of Poseidon!" I immediately reached for the book.

As I flipped through the pages and found nothing, I searched under its location on the desk and around it, nothing could be seen which looked remotely like the pencil Charles had described to me. I called out to Charles, "Is this book something you students have been reading?" “Yes,” Charles responded. “We have an entire set which we use.”, he mentioned as he pointed to the small bookcase near the window. I moved over to have a look. Pulling out one book after the another from the bookshelf, I scanned the pages of each and found little except for some small pieces of paper which the students must have used as placeholders. “Did you find anything, Sir,” Charles inquired. “No, but keep looking,” I responded. “I have a funny feeling it might be in one of these books.” As I maneuvered lower on the bookcase to scan the other books, I noticed that behind some large French dictionaries, there was a book lying there horizontally but whose cover resembled that of the Poseidon Book, sure enough, it was. As I pulled this book out, it flipped open, and a tiny black pencil fell onto the floor. Picking it up, I called out to Charles, “Is this it?”

Charle’s face glowed with joy at the sight of his pencil and hurried over to grab it. “That is it, that is it!”, he cried out with tears of joy filling his cheeks. I asked him to sit down while I described to him that I had these visions earlier; Ikaro's falling from the sky and the helmet of Perseus, speaking to me. He raised his head and looked at me straight into my eyes, saying, “I guess your stories are true then, you can see into other realities. I want to show you something, Sir”, he noted as he got up from his desk and moved towards the SmartBoard.

He placed the tip of the pencil between his lips, long enough for his saliva to wet the tip and then he proceeded to touch the screen with it. Immediately, a tiny black spot could be seen growing outward like a ripple caused in a pond when one throws a pebble. When the entire screen of the SmartBoard had been filled by this ripple wave, Charles called out to me, “Mr. Leousis, bearer of The Light, will you join me on a voyage into my reality?” For a few seconds, I did not know how to respond but immediately upon my hesitation, I could now see the glow of that familiar white light coming from this vortex. I knew it was safe for me to trust and started to walk towards the screen. By the time I had reached halfway to where Charles stood, he moved into the vortex and vanished out of sight. As I approached, I hesitated, took out my cell phone and took a picture of the screen and the bright light: At least if I left my cell phone behind, people would have some trace of what had happened to me. I placed my cell phone on the teacher's desk and jumped into the waiting vortex. 

What seemed to be an enormous time in Charles' reality, with so many amazing experiences, seemed to last milliseconds in our reality because almost instantaneously, I found myself jumping back into the classroom. Now, the students had returned to the school and were sitting in their desks. Everything seemed to be suspended in space and time: The only ones able to move were me and Charles, everything else and everyone was frozen!

Charles waited for me to regain myself and then began to speak. “We have come back in time, Sir.” I sensed that he was right, we were back in some earlier time, but what about what I had experienced in Charles's reality? “Sorry, Sir.”, he remarked. “But whatever you experienced in my reality, must remain hidden from this world.” I understood the importance of this cautious statement: “In a few seconds, all will be as it was, so be prepared. Oh, and by the way, I now know who had hidden my pencil.”, he said, as he winked at me, while turning to look in the direction of Marcus. “Wait until his surprise tomorrow.” As soon as he sat at his desk, the entire class instantly became animated. 

As if coming through from a "dizzy spell," I caught myself asking the class, “Oh, where was I, I just had a lapse of memory.” Jennifer, who sat in the front row, interjected by saying, “You were talking about,  how sometimes the most trivial of things can have importance in one's life because of their meaning.” “Oh, yes.”, I continued: It was the weirdest feeling reliving the events of that day, until once again, I found myself waking up the next morning, having again visited the Elysium Fields, that night, where all was explained to me.

At this point, I may sound somewhat elusive but what I learned from traveling into Charles’ reality, can only be shared with you in general terms, so as not to break my promise to Charles and put his security and others like him at great peril: All I can say is that (a) These children who are identified by such terms as “Autistic”, are anything but “self” as defined by our Hellenic ancestors, as “an isolated self”. To the contrary, they come from a reality of intense awareness of the world around them and all life forms which surrounds them: They are sent into our reality to experience a more primitive existence; “life as it was in the long distant past in their reality before they evolved into incorporeal beings. (b) Those around them, who “choose” to be part of their lives while they visit our world, their mentors, and caretakers, parents, and others, are considered "special beings":  Like the "Guideposts to wisdom.", found in our reality, which help us in our journey to the Elysium Fields: These extraordinary beings, are themselves rewarded a thousandfold in their journey towards The Light.

The next day when I arrived in school, was Field Day, with myriad planned outdoor activities in both the schoolyard and the nearby park, where the students enjoyed numerous water activities. When we returned from the yard activities, Marcus was all upset; he had lost his cell phone. As he was describing to me his loss, I gazed over to look at Charles, he had a big grin on his face. Trying to control my own euphoric reaction to a more serious posture, I noted to Marcus that he knew better than to bring a cell phone to school since it was not permitted. However, by now, the class had already gotten into this frenzy that I could see into the future because of my storytelling, that some students began to call out, “I bet Mr. Leousis knows where you lost it.” To this end, Marcus asked me directly, “Sir, do you know where I lost my phone, please! My Dad is going to kill me!” I responded by saying, "I can't say much without changing the future Marcus but you will eventually find it, but you have to pay the price." and I left it at that. All afternoon, Marcus kept on pestering me about his phone and if I could reveal to him where he had lost it…
I wonder if he has since found it.. wink, wink! 

Charles, from within his reality, just placed  "blue dot" on your screen; click on it and see his message from his existence to ours:

Oops, Charles, just put another dot on my blog:

By Elias Leousis,

(Η αγάπη είναι το μελάνι, η σοφία είναι το μήνυμα.)

Love is the ink; wisdom is the message!

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