I mentioned in my opening statements many moons ago, that there is much about me and the Elysian Fields which I will reveal "in time". Thus far, I have taken my young friends in a journey of discovery and knowledge of "The Light", within us. Let me now just throw out some tantalizing "past and current coincidences", and I will let these young or older minds of imagination interpret this as best they can, having followed through the reading of all my stories in sequence to date.

(1) I was baptized, as Elias, my family name being Leousis. For many years I would strike a conversation with my father about our ancestors. He usually hesitated to answer my questions only to say that "he had heard" from his elders that we had escaped to the mountains of  North Kynouria, Greece because we were in “fear for our lives,”, but ended it there by saying that I should know that I am blessed by "the mystery of life.". At the time I also took it for granted, that the first male born in our family would be named Elias Leousis (Eleusis) and thought nothing more. Have a look at the location of Eleusis, Greece and the location of North Kynouria, Greece. Escaped by sea? Just a coincidence, I suppose.


(2) In 1958, a year after my family arrived in Montreal, my aunt and uncle decided to move to Toronto, Ontario, for better job opportunities. My parents so dependent on them as they were the only family in Canada, decided to tag along.

It was an early spring day, when I decided to go across from the house we were staying and venture onto the nearby park, just a block away. On a bench, with a huge sketch pad in hand, this man stared out in loss. I felt a flash into the Elysian Fields urgently calling me to take note: Flashes of Daedalus, along with a multiple of his sketches and designs, invaded my reality.

As I passed behind the bench where this artist sat, my hand started following along the curvature of the bench rest, I "accidentally" touched him on his right shoulder, long enough for him to come out of his suspended gaze of loss. I paused, smiled and continued slowly away.

Someone hour or so later, after playing with some kids in the playground, I passed by the bench area where this man sat, except now he was animated and focused, drawing a sketch of something tall. He became aware of my presence, smiled and looked at me and ordered me to sit down, "Hey kid, have a seat." He started to talk to me in English of which I understood little, but I remember his repeated smiles as he looked at me, using that strange phrase as he drew on his pad, he repeated to me, "You inspired me."

Years later, I have come to visit Toronto and come across this statue outside the library: It is the same statue that this artist drew, so many years ago. It depicts two towers upon which what seems to be a craft (jet) having penetrated at the very top; could it be?

The artist was Gerald Gladstone, who had designed this monument at the Walter Stewart Library. Although Mr. Gladstone named his monument, “Undiscovered Galaxy,” one wonders if he was shown the future in that moment, when I passed and touched him on his right shoulder; could it be a "coincidence?"

(3) Elias Leousis (Eleusis): For those of you who know my stories, have a look at the following link: Eleusis "The Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS) weather station of Eleusis has an average maximum July temperature of 33.0°C (1958-2001 HNMS)[3] and it has recorded temperatures over 45.0°C, nine times between 1973–2007, ust like my body temperature; could it be a "coincidence?"

(4) This past week, Nov. 9th, 2014, the Scotiabank Giller Prize in literature, recognised Mr. Sean Michaels, as the best Canadian fiction writer for his novel, US Conductors. His book is based on the life of Lev Sergeyevich Termen, a Russian scientist who was active in the 1930s.

Mr. Michael's book was published in April of this year, 2014. "Coincidence", you might say, that in February 27th, 2014, two months earlier, I had published my story, "The Gypsy", in which Mr. Lev Sergeyevich, figures prominently as being the scientist, who perhaps saved our world from total nuclear annihilation. There must be hundreds of Russian scientists in history, both past and current. What are the chances of myself and Mr. Michael's selecting the same scientist and writing about him within a period of time. It there a question of theft of character or something more sinister about all this? I think not. Could Mr. Lev Sergeyevich be "speaking from the grave", as I have written to Mr. Michaels? Could "The Light", have something to do with this? I suspect the later; could it be just another "coincidence?"


(5) The Year of "The Light":

Withing weeks of launching my stories on my blog, in 2013, the United Nations declared Dec. 2015, "The Year of the Light." Could it be a "coincidence?"?

"It is a unique opportunity to inspire, educate, and connect the citizens of the world on a global scale. On 20 December 2013, The United Nations (UN) General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light".



(6) The seal ,(scar) on my right shoulder which lasted until my first born son,  just a coincidence?


(7) One day, I found the following posted on my blog by an anonymous commentator:

 "I", was created by the thought of Gods and "Their", desire to allow all mortals to know that, "They", are always with them: As humankind grows and seeks absolute independence from "Them", "They", will remain by their side, guiding them and directing them, in their growth to absolute"WISDOM", the way to "Their Essence" and the Elysium Fields. As you look out beyond the now, into the heavens, "I", will be there, guiding you and helping you know that, "I", be visible or invisible, "My Essence", will guide you beyond all that is sensed in your reality. So let it be now revealed to you, that both "He and I", in mortal being, who speaks to you through the thoughts of children are but one. Eleusis.


(8) Gretta's visit to Montreal after years of posting my stories online; just a coincidence?:

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